Andrea Brian

Hi Jude

You don’t know me, but a long time ago, when we all used to live in the same place, I knew your Dad. I think I remember most that he was always smiling, always happy and full of life and energy. I can see from all the millions of friends that he’s made over the years and things that he’s done, that those things never changed.

As well as being so smiley and happy, your dad was super clever – in fact, the really clever stuff your Dad made used to help me in my job, and loads and loads of other people in theirs too!

Even though I’ve never met you, it’s hard to describe how much I feel for you right now. I’m glad you’re so little in one way, but wish you’d had more time with your dad, and him with you and your mum more. I do know that your dad will always be by your side, by you and your mum every step of the way. Always know that.

Be happy sweetheart xxx

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