Bobby Napiltonia


The pictures will follow. I waited and waited to post this as I still can not believe we are where we are. For starters, I’ve know your father for over 15 years which is 1/3 of my life and 1/2 of my adult life. We communicated regularly and always loved, laughed and enjoyed life. Over the past 5 years most of those stories and fun times were about you (and my daughter) as you both know one another and she adores you. I love your fez hat, the outfits and your smiles.

Chris and I met many years ago through work and then went about 2 years without seeing one another. I happened to be at a pub near his house and I heard my name being called…Bobby…Bobby and when I turned around it was him. My eyes opened wide, the smile on my face was endless and the evening was (as usual) fun. After our re-connecting we spoke or communicated almost weekly (OK more than that), and our lives were never the same.

We were fortunate enough to meet one another around the world and share our lives together. Whenever he visited Northern California he generally stayed at my house. A true extension of my family.

Your father was an amazing man. Everybody wanted to be with him, know him and learn more about you. He spoke with such genuine love and admiration of both you and your amazing mother.

I was lucky enough that you spent time in SF and I got to hang out regularly with you and your family.

While you may not realize today how many people your father touched in so many positive ways you will some day. When you look back the one thing you will think about daily is:
I’m so lucky he was my father.

I can’t wait to see you soon. Coco sends here love with hugs and kisses and she too can’t wait to see you.

I will continue to post my great moments with your father as this note does not even reflect how much he loved you and your mother.

Jude the dude….you will always have a special place in my life.


Bobby and Coco

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