Cliff Keast

I worked with your dad from 2003 to 2009 at Business Objects. It was a great time to be there, and it was great because of people like Chris. There are so many memories of having fun with Chris because that’s what he represented. I don’t mean your dad was hilarious – he was of course – I mean that your dad really epitomised having fun, enjoying life, and living life to the full, with lots of friends around him. Many friends of his have expressed the same thing in beautiful stories on this page. I knew your dad first as a work colleague, but like so many people in his life we became friends, and saw each other at a variety of gatherings since the days of Business Objects. I will have very fond memories of the skiing we enjoyed with a group in St Anton, Austria. Never laughed so much!

In 2012 at the age of 44 I suffered a heart attack. It was completely out of the blue, and it changed my perspective on my life. I spoke to your dad about how it made me feel and how it changed me. He helped me – his perspective on life was refreshing. We talked about our children, mine a little older, you were about 3 years old, and your dad was on his way home to you that evening. He clearly loved you and your mum.

Your dad was one of a kind. I thought that then but I know that now. Considering that we didn’t spend that much time together compared with many other friends, your dad has had a big impact on me and he is someone I will always have huge admiration for. You should be very proud of your dad, as he was of you.

My best,

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