Daryl Ng

Hey Jude,

My fellow Aquarius star boy – we never met before, but I always felt I know you, not just because our birthdays are only a day apart, you Feb 15 and me Feb 14, but also your old Papa was always so proud of you whenever we talked about our kids. He even Skype with me once just so I can see you when you were 2 year old then, as we are based geographically apart, me in Singapore and him in London.

Chris & me have nothing whatsoever to do with each other work wise, and just met over drinks via some mutual friends when he was based in Singapore many years ago, but just got on like a house on fire from the get go, like many of his friends. He is so good at keeping in touch, and always will let me know when he’s coming to our shores. I was also very kindly hosted by your Dad & Mum for a week or so in December 2009 at your Notting Hill pad, when I got us free tickets to watch my club Arsenal vs Hull City @Emirates Stadium. Your Dad is not really a big footie man like me, but was sure as hell a proud Stoke native, hence dressing you up in Stoke City footie gear when you played football.

It was particularly poignant for me to learn he passed away in Singapore when he just What’s Apps me on 8 February, 3 days before he was scheduled to arrive for work here on his new job, but unfortunately I told him I can’t meet this trip as I was leaving for an overseas work trip next day early morning. So you can imagine my shock and incredible sadness to learn he’s gone on the very day a few hours just before I was leaving for the airport. It was a very sad work trip for me, when he was on the back of my mind.

But I want to share with you a story to let you know just how much Chris loved you. He was in Singapore just 2 weeks earlier from January 20 to 26, where we spent quite a bit of time together for 2 days catching up over a meal and a drink, and he came over to my place before I drove him to the airport for his flight back to London, where bizarrely, he failed to board the plane even though he checked in as he took too much time at the Business Class lounge and the gate was shut without announcing his name. I offered to pick him up again at the airport and to stay over my place for the night, but Chris being Chris, was just too polite to impose.

Anyway, that night on Jan 25 at my place, he finally got to meet my twin girls, Katerina & Kayleigh, who are the same age as you. They adored Chris, and vice versa, and they were piling him with their many soft toys sitting on the sofa in my living room, and even read to them in his distinctive gruff Brit accent!

Regrettably, as I use a Blackberry phone with crap picture quality, it was Chris’ iPhone that took all the pictures of these scenes, but I forgot to ask Chris to send to me. So Simone Barry, if you can access his iPhone, will be great to see the pictures.

At one point, I asked Katerina to sing a song from “Frozen” to Chris, but she was literally “frozen” and was shy, which was quite unlike her. Chris THEN said “Jude can sing Frozen songs very well and loved the movie”, the sense of pride in you evident in his big wide grin!

I then asked what he usually does on weekends when he’s not traveling and in London, and he put me to shame when he said “I just bring Jude to the park and spent all day there with him”, as I don’t do that often enough with my twin girls, although I am based out of home, so spent loads of time with them. This just shows he absolutely love spending time with you above all things, Jude Chris was looking forward to celebrate you turning 5 soon on Feb 15, and even said he wants to bring you over to Singapore in a month’s time to meet my twin girls. We joked that since my girls does fancy white boys in the kids shows they watch, maybe you will be the “Kristoff” to one of them when the 3 of you grow up, them being ‘Elsa” & “Anna”. Chris did show your pics to them and they said you are “a handsome boy” smile emoticon. You can see both of them in the picture enclosed, Jude ‘Kristoff”, and I will bring all of you to eat the mighty Durian fruit seen in the pic background, which is unique to this part of the world, if and when you get to Singapore one day.

Now that Chris is gone, this doesn’t mean it can’t happen ever. I do hope we can finally meet in person one fine day, when Mummy does bring you on holiday to Singapore, or when my family goes on a holiday to London, or San Francisco, where ever you may end up living.

Lastly, if you grow up and wonder why you feel “unique” and “different from others” in your outlook and interests, then it’s most likely the weird cosmic effect of being born a true blue Aquarius boy. You are most welcome to ask all things Aquarius to Uncle Daryl way out in Singapore

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