Elizabeth Dalton-Brennan

Jude – I first met your Dad in 1991 and his infectious personality had me hooked from the beginning, always great fun to be around, and usually a bit of drama, be it in our local in Blythe Bridge, Aston University, Chester he even came to visit when I lived in Florida,I remember he lived in Belgium for a while and would always bring me my favourite white chocolate truffles, he was so thoughtfull, he was best man at my wedding and did the job well in true Chris style full of life and fun making sure everyone was having a great time, unfortunately due to circumstances we no longer saw each other for about 9 years but we connected on social media in August 2010, he told me he met your Mom in 2003 an American girl from Chicago I joked with him saying “you always did have a thing for the American gals” he agreed and told me he was going to be a Dad in February with much excitement. I loved looking at your Dad’s posts and it was clear to see he was very devoted to your Mom and you, looking at pictures of you is like looking at your Dad lovely smiling eyes, cheeky chappy take care of your Mom and yourself ?Xx

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