Neil Berrecloth

Hi Jude,

Many of us were lucky enough to share some of your Dad’s life. I first met him around 20 years ago soon after University – we were all finding our way at that time. We shared many weekends away, golf trips (definitely not his finest attribute but he made up for that with the “team bonding”), Birthday parties, Stag trips, Weddings and lots more. He always had a smile on his face. It was a pleasure to have him around and I feel priviliged to have known him over all these years.

As we have all been sharing our thoughts and memories, one thing is for sure, Chris was a very special man. We all knew some of the facets of his world, whether it was his home town where he grew up, school, University, various companies where he worked, through friendships and beyond. I don’t think many of us knew him across all those areas but what is amazing is the consistency of stories and messages that have been posted. Your Dad was a people person, he cared about all those around him and would help wherever and whenever he could – not because there was something in it for him, but because that was the man Chris was.

If there was some laughter, chances were Chris would be in the middle of it. He was a kind, considerate, generous, social and funny guy. He managed that fine balance to be ambitious, succeeding in much that he did without forgetting what was important – the people around him.

Jude, your Dad will live on in you, we all look forward to seeing you grow and I’ve no doubt you will make your Dad a very proud man. We are all here to help and to share some of the stories in person whenever you would like to hear them. My love to you and your Mum. x

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