Niall McCarthy

I had the good fortune of meeting your Dad several years back when trying to some business together.
It took only a few minutes to figure out that we both had an affinity of doing business over a beer as opposed to across a conference table.
Over the last few years, “business” was discussed in Chicago, NYC, San Fran & London and a good time always ensued.
The fact that we never came close to doing any material business was completely inconsequential.

A couple of years back, you happened to be passing through Chicago on Thanksgiving Day and joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.
Last minute & low key with a mixture of family, friends and neighbours – it was a lovely day with great food and wine.

My lasting memory of your Dad will be him effortlessly and unknowingly engaging and entertaining that table of people he had never met before as if they were his oldest friends in the world.

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