Nichola Johnson

Hi Jude
I remember meeting your Dad on his very first day at Business Objects, I can’t remember the year though – think I’m getting old! He was in front of me in the staff restaurant… he was buying coffee, I was buying a diet coke. I could tell he was new and so I said a friendly hello… and well, that was that really… we chatted for a while about all sorts of stuff – and like many have said before me – it felt like we had known each other for years. It was certainly easy to see that he was was one of the good guys…. and thats not always a given when it comes to software sales guyswink emoticon

Not long after that – and apologies if I have my time line a little muddled – your Dad met your Mum and I met Duncan Greenwood. Duncan and your Dad were great friends – thick as thieves and joined at the hip back then! You’ll have to speak to Duncan about their many funny tales…. We had a lot of fun times together and one day when you’re a bit older Duncan and I can tell you about ‘Crazy Dave’ and why your Dad always said I was a ‘lucky cow’!

I will always remember Chris as a bit of a cheeky chap, he loved life and most importantly loved his family and friends with all his might. He was so proud of you and your Mum – you were both his entire world.

I am deeply sorry that your Dad was taken from you too early – I do hope that you can find some comfort from all these tales and messages. I can see so much of your Dad in you Jude from all the pictures that have been posted over the last 5 years – so when times feel tough and you’re missing your Dad just look inside yourself and you will find him right there with you.

Also remember this – no matter how grown up/big/teenager like you get you can NEVER give your Mum too many cuddles!

Jude – please know that Duncan, myself, Daniel (7) and Holly (4) are always here for you and your Mum. We have a spare room any time you fancy escaping the city and paying Marlow a visit. We’ve got a great park, skate park and boats to hire. Its where your Dad always said Duncan would love to live.. and Duncan listened.

Be courageous and kind and love your Mum and you will do grand.
Much love Nichola xxx

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