Simon Neary

Dear Jude
I first met your Dad at University in Aston.
He immediately marked himself out in my mind as someone who was determined to be at the centre of everything and not to miss a thing.
This proved to be an enduring trait and your Dad was forever bemoaning the fact that he was double, triple or quadruple-booked. People wanted him with them and he wanted to be there – but there just weren’t enough Chris Elsmores to go around!
Whenever I heard that Chris was going to be at one of the many get-togethers we had since leaving University it always made me look forward to it even more. He was someone you wanted to be in the company of – as others have already said he was the life and soul.
The number of tributes to Chris from family, friends and colleagues is testament to the warmth, fun, laughter, generosity and light he brought wherever he was.
That’s why I’ll miss Chris, and why I’m writing these words with a lump in my throat, – but it’s also why I always smile when I think of him.
I guess Chris’s love of life is a lesson for all of us – including I hope for you too Jude. Don’t just have a life….live a life as fully and as completely as you can.
My love and thoughts to you and your Mum.

Simon (or “Brucie” as your Dad continued to call me despite my efforts to re-brand myself!)


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