Alexei Levene

Hello Jude. Your dad and I met at i2 technologies which was a rollercoaster of a business based out of Texas and a place with some of the most talented people I have had the pleasure of working with. I don’t remember the exact moment when I met Chris first but I do remember immediatly liking him. Chris was warm and friendly and always made time for you, he was also incredibly reliable and extremely generous. If we went out for dinner as a big group you would routinely find that the bill had been paid for everyone by Chris, which struck me as unusual as many times other of our contemporaries were distinctly less forthcoming! I remember one time when Chris invited me over to stay in Ascot after a work do and we had a really good chat about life and love and the universe. I felt that I saw him on that evening and could see that he was seeking companionship after his earlier divorce, and it seeded in my mind to keep an eye out for a worthy lady for him. I knew your mum through Sarah Lafferty when they were living together and despite a little resistance from a couple of folks who thought that they were quite different people I helped them to meet and have a first date, I guess you know the rest. That evening back at Chris’s we were later joined by a couple of other colleagues at i2, Nick Ford and Kim Cartledge, both great fun and we had such a laugh. When I eventually went to bed Chris offered me a pair of boxer shorts to wear as I came without a change of clothes. This may sound like a small gesture but it spoke of a thoughtfulness, intimacy and generosity that characterised Chris. Over the years I saw Chris and your mum from time to time and always felt a great sense of warmth and connection to them both. The last time I saw Chris we met for lunch in Hyde park, just a few months ago after he came back from a retreat in Thailand and we spent several hours catching up before taking a walk in the park. I was deeply sad to hear of Chris’s passing, he really was a rare soul and someone who stood out for his good nature and empathy. I wish you and your mum all of the best and as you grow older and read the many tributes to Chris I am sure you will have a strong sense of the amazing father you had and the spirit which you now can carry on. I was once told that that it is best never to fight the darkness, just to bring light, and Chris was very much a light in this world. Best wishes to you and Simone and do feel free to contact me at any time

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