Ashley Sass

Hey, Jude,
Like so many people here, I first met your Dad through work, but over time, his natural qualities and due to our mutual ‘don’t take life too seriously’ attitude created a good friendship. His many personal qualities have been described time and time again, but it is true – easy and open, straight forward, caring, kind, (lots and lots of) fun, considerate, and always generous with his time and advice. Above all, you always knew he was on your side, and would help in the best way he could (what many would describe as selfless).

As you may have seen, he was a bit of a petrol head and he loved his Porsches. We were working together on a project in 2009, and I remember going to see a client with him in his new (I think it was a) Carerra. You should have seen the reaction from those guys when they saw this car park up outside. At least half of that meeting was spent with grown men asking about that car, what it was like, where could they get one!! Boys will always be boys, no matter how big we grow wink emoticonAnother happy memory is skipping stones on the Thames with him over a beer after a meeting and seeing how close we could get to the swans (we didn’t hit any,I promise)!

Your Mum and Dad are very, very proud of you, and they will always be behind you in everything. You will be your own man. If you build on the qualities of love, respect, fun and openness that they show you, you won’t go far wrong.

If I can ever be of help, you just call. I will always be happy to help The Elsmores.

As my lot say, wishing you all long life.

Ash wink emoticon(Chrissie, Ella and Anya)

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