Lisa Walsh

I wanted to share one funny story (and there are many) about Chris during the short time we worked together at Guidewire between 2013-2015.

He had organized a team meeting at our headquarters with about 20 folks in the room. He stepped out for another meeting and about the time we were expecting him back, we get an email from him “hey, I am at Starbucks, do you want anything”.

“Why yes Chris, we do!” I had all 20 people email him simultaneously and request the most complicated drinks ever. Mine was a grande, decaf, no fat one Splenda extra hot latte. Someone else had a grande light ice two pump soy latte. You can imagine when you multiply this times 20…how he might have reacted waiting at line in Starbucks.

We all sat in the room totally cracking up at our cleverness and how we had stumped our fearless leader. Next thing you know, in Chris walks with a big cardboard box. He got all those drinks right and I will never forget how much we all laughed about it and the look of delight on his face that day as he read off every drink and passed them around the room.

Jude, your dad always had my back, cared about his team and was always there to help me network or provide advice. I will miss him, the fun he brought to work and his great sense of humor!

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