Karen Harvey

Hi Jude, it’s hard to find the right words to talk about your dad, to sum up the wonderful man that he was in a few words, it seems impossible, but I’ll give it a go because I would really like to share my memories of your dad with you.

I’m sure by now that you know your dad was loved by so many people, the world over and he gave so much love back to those around him. He was an amazing, thoughtful man who was so incredibly proud of you and he loved you and your mum immensely.

I met your dad in 1998, he was a friend of my boyfriend at the time, Julian, who is now my husband. I was amazed that all the boys from Aston had stayed so close after leaving university, but at the time I hadn’t realized the strength of their friendships, the bonds that they still share that have lasted for decades.

My first memories of your dad are happy ones, so are the last ones and all of the ones in between. That was the amazing gift that your dad had, to make those around him feel special and happy. I feel truly blessed that I was able to call him my friend for close to 18 years.

Even though your dad had an amazingly responsible career, he was always the first to be in touch when you most needed it. When my mum was battling cancer, a plant arrived from your dad that still sits in her house today. When my baby girl was laying in intensive care after her brain surgeries, toys and books and teddies arrived from your dad. When my dad had his heart bypass surgery a bottle of Champagne arrived, that one made us smile!

Your dad came to us for Christmas in Sydney a few times. First with your grandma and grandad and later with your mum. I treasure the memories of those days, even the bit where the game of quoits became a bit too competitive and your dad decided he was too tired to play so was throwing them from his chair (see photo!). He bought us a beautiful garden gnome that year!

I hope that these messages bring you some comfort in the years to come. Your dad was loved, is loved, by many, many people and so are you Jude.

With love, Karen, Julian, Freya and Alex xxxxx12794703_10209134315098944_8065151608072683623_o 12768300_10209134314858938_2061846512124337194_o 12698331_10209134315018942_3780826517163583525_o 12495263_10209134310938840_7046995965524881869_n 12717946_10209134310778836_2342106273524246205_n

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