Michelle Woodward Hodges

Jude –

I met your Mom & Dad through a very close friend, Erin Walsh; probably Aunt Ernie to you. Over the years, your dad become a dear friend whom I truly loved.

Chris was a global citizen and like many of his relationships – we had a global friendship that journeyed across continents and well over a decade. I consider myself blessed to have had Chris in my life, even for a short while. Its been said again and again, he was a good man, a great friend and he lived his life well.

I last saw your dad in December 2015, we were excited to be working together again after a long break. We had collaborated on several projects in the past, as we have complementary skillsets – he always made me a better professional. Since we last worked together, we had both been married and had kids. This past December, we spent one evening just talking about love, how marriage and children had shown us a love that we didn’t know existed. How much better people our families had made us. We joked that we were pretty good to start with but all this love just made us better – cue the cheeky giggle. We had both been struggling in our own ways with how hard it was to integrate the global part of our spirits & our passion for our careers – with this amazing & awesome love of family, kids & home. And the next day he was off home to see you & your mom; he took you to the park that weekend and I took my girl to the movies.

If I can help you know anything about your Dad, its these things:

Your dad really cared about the people who came into his life, he took the time to know them and invest in what they found important; & connect with them right there, where it matters.

He loved you & your mom beyond measure

He left such love & laughter in his wake. I see him in your glorious smile. I haven’t met you yet – but I imagine he is there in your hug and your laughter as well.

Jude, I ache for your loss but so grateful he lives on in you & the love he had for you & Simone. Look after your mom – you really lucked out with such great parents, you mom is one of the very best xo – Michelle


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