Andy Menzies

Jude ~ Your Dad and I had crossed paths many times during our professional career but never actually worked together, sometime around 2013 we ended up doing business together, Panopticon and StreamBase partnered combining software assets (we did the clever bit and Chris provided the pretty pictures :-)) ~ you have already read a million stories that talk to your Dad’s smile, his jovial personality and his ability to lift a room, these are all true, just looking at your face tells me that your likely to inherit these qualities. Your Dad and I enjoyed a long lunch, we played Golf together a couple of times too …. I loved being in his company, we would share the day to day stress of our work, it was like a therapeutic stress relief counselling session all mixed up with a few bottles of wine and a lot of childish humour. On one occasion, your Dad got upset, work was all getting a bit too much for him, travel, pressure etc ~ your Dad worked hard, he burnt the candle at both ends ~ there is more to life than work Jude, just remember that. Seeing your father upset was a compliment to me, that he was able to show his emotions, this is another quality your father had, showing your emotions is a good thing, (controlled sometimes of course) real men do cry. Chris and I were due to have lunch together just a few weeks before his trip to Singapore, I was looking forward to catching up (he had lots of new work stories to share) unfortunately I had to cancel (due to work commitments) and that makes me very sad. Your Dad would have wanted us all to celebrate his life, he would have wanted you to know that he loves you and that he will be by your side in times of need, which of course he will, if not in body but in mind. I for one am super glad I spent time with Chris, it was my privilege to have done so.

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