John Musoke

I first met Chris in 2006 not long after moving to Singapore. Chris instantly made me feel at home. We kept I’m touch and met occasionally over the next few years after Chris moved back to Europe. We shared a great few days in Denver for Michelle Woodward Hodges surprise birthday celebration and Chris and Simone Barry kindly gave me accommodation for a few days and entertained me I’m London, coincidentally this was when your mum was expecting you Jude. A number of years later I invited Chris and Simone to my wedding in How Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Unfortunately they could not attend due to a last minute work engagement. A few months later I received a message from Chris saying that he was passing through Bangkok on his way to Sydney and want our address so that he could send us a wedding gift. A few weeks later we received a parcel which turned out to be a frame Warhol esque picture from our Singapore wedding. Your dad cared enough to take the time to find a picture from our wedding, edit it frame and carry it from London to Bangkok. He valued friendships and embraced strangers like they were members of his family, always fun to be around, a story to tell and a someone to make you forget about any issues you were having at the time. I hope you embrace like and people like your father did.


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