Lisa Lawrence

Hi Jude ?It’s many years since I have seen your Dad but we used to walk to and from high school together as we lived very close to each other in a village called Forsbrook in sunny Stoke. We strolled along each day moaning about homework or teachers or something similar (in a very Kevin like manner – your mum will tell you who Kevin is ?) but I so remember how he used to make me laugh. He was such a character but even at such a young age, I just knew he was going to live his life to the max. And reading all the wonderful globe trotting stories he posted on here I was right.

He was so obviously adored by many many people who have left such tender and heartfelt messages about their own grief in losing their friend. You are the image of him Jude. And I’m sure you will be blessed with his lovely, warm & friendly personality.

I lost my Dad at quite a young age too and for a long time I was very bitter towards life and how unfair it could be. Don’t be bitter Jude, your Dad wouldn’t want that. You will think about him every day and he will be watching over you as you grow into a fine young man, like he was. Talk to him, he will hear you. You will know when he’s there, he will show you the way when you’re a bit lost, he will comfort you in times of sadness and he will guide you through life’s challenges. Believe me he will always be around you wherever you are and whenever you need him. I can still feel when my Dad is around me, 21 years on. So don’t think that he’s gone, because he will be with you always and in his own way he will let you know he’s there.

I know it seems a bit strange that many of these messages are from people you don’t know, but both you & your mum will find so much comfort in all of these posts. Your Dad was so loved Jude and I hope you can be proud that he was and always will be in your heart. Bless you – big hugs to you & your mum xxxx

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