Fiona Keene

Dear Jude,
It’s Doctor Fi here and I have been struggling to put into words how utterly devastated I am about your Dad being taken away from us so young. I sincerely wish I could have prevented it. He was a brave, kind, generous, funny guy who, as you can tell from all these posts, was loved by everyone and loved you and your mum very, very much.
Life is so unfair and I wish he was still around to take you to the park and give you big hugs and watch you grow up. What I think you can take away from this is that your Dad was an utter gentleman and a seriously cool man with a very deep heart. He will always win the ‘best fancy dress prize’, in my eyes, and the ‘funniest stories prize’ too – one I heard about a skiing holiday and a prize he won on several days made me cry with laughter!
I hope we can all tell you loads more fantastic stories over the years- I have a few good ones about your mum as well who was my ‘pasture’ buddy one night in Hampshire! Let’s get the roof down on the car soon and don’t press the red button….
Love Fi xxxx

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