Cheryl Pond

Dear Jude,

One of my favorite memories of my whole life was with your Dad (and Mom) watching Paul McCartney in Hyde Park, and listening to Hey Jude. Your Mom was pregnant with you at the time, and I think about this memory every time I hear that song. Not sure I’ll be able to attend those concerts again without your Dad – it was an annual tradition, and just wouldn’t be the same.

Your Dad was very special. He had a way of making every moment a fond memory, and making every person feel like a favorite friend. I met your parents on a group ski trip (another favorite memory) with Elaine Bowers Coventry, Garth Coventry, Susan Orr Morris, Erin Walsh, and others and we became instant friends. Over the years, your parents have been generous hosts to me in both their San Francisco and London homes. But most importantly, they’ve been true friends. Always listening and understanding, during good times and bad. I will miss the long and deep conversations with your Dad, as he was the type of person who would always listen, without judgement, and then turn bad thoughts into good times.

He loved you so much! The picture below is from a visit to the park in San Francisco. You were his greatest accomplishment, and he adored you and your Mom. I’m just so sorry he won’t be here on earth to watch you grow, but know that he’s always thinking of you and watching you from Heaven.

Lots of Love to you and Simone Barry,


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