Sarah Lafferty

Hey Jude, where do I begin with your amazing dad? How about the beginning. I met Chris in 2000, 2 years before I was flatmates and became close friends with your mum. We worked in a very fast-growing software company called i2 that was “interesting” – full of lots of good people and no shortage of intimidating alpha dogs hell-bent on smashing their quarterly targets at all costs. I wasn’t always convinced a person could be both very kind and very successful in business until I met Chris. His success came from his integrity, humour and genuine love and respect for others. I can’t remember him ever saying a bad word about anyone – a very rare quality. When your mum moved in with me (right across from where you live in London) our friend and colleague Alexei Levene thought she and Chris might make a good match and set them up on a date. Simone Barry asked me what I thought of Chris. I said something along the lines of “he’s a great guy and he always follows through”. Well, I guess that reference was convincing, because your mum and dad were together from that blind date forward, and now we have you blessing our lives. I’m so sad that Chris left us too early in life. It’s so easy to take for granted the amount of energy it takes to be that infinitely generous, larger than life character that gives time and a sympathetic ear to everyone. Chris inspired us in so many ways to be our best selves. Above all, he taught us that real joy comes through kindness and generosity to others – and not taking oneself too seriously! He loved you and Simone more than life itself and we will remember him with great love and affection always. Love, Sarah

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