Phil Burgess

Hey Jude. I worked with your dad but more importantly I was honoured to call him a friend. “Friend” is a much used word now but a true friend is the rarest thing – something to be treasured and to thank the Universe for.

I remember the session that he, Nick Ford and I did in South Africa. It was a difficult time for him but you wouldn’t have known. “These guys were born within 10 miles of each other, a bottle of champagne for anyone who can name where it is” the host announced in broad South African. So we all put on our best “BBC English” accents so we would be the only people who knew and gain the prize!!. BUT the Stokie twang still came out…..and someone guessed “Kidsgrove” and we didn’t get the bottle. BUT the “Stokies on the road” tag line was born!!

Integrity, sincerity and professionalism – plus a heart so big and full that it shone. Mixed in with this “serious” stuff was a massive a dash of pure fun and life force that had the ability to light up those around them.

This came from his fundamental love, respect and care for people and what they can do if you give them a chance, some guidance and the ability to fly. This intent was a major pillar in his life and was why he was so respected and loved – he leaves a big hole in all our hearts

I know the massive joy that you and your Mum bought to him. It shone from him and shines from the photographs and stories. It is a gift that he leaves to the world in you. That gift is in short supply

We all wish you had had more time with him but remember your Dad and the gift he has given you and go out and make your own story. Your Dad will always be there when you need him for guidance and help – mine always is.

I give thanks for the honour of knowing him and calling him friend and I know he was, is and will be always proud of you.

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