Janet Wood

Hi Jude, like many have mentioned already, it’s been really difficult to put ‘pen to paper’ about your wonderful, warm, one-of-a-kind, father, but I’ll try my best.

I met your dad when we were both at Business Objects. Chris was part of my global Alliance team leading our EMEA organization. From the moment I met Chris I liked him – he was smart, funny, successful and our business partners LOVED him. In business it’s important to work hard, bring value and know what your’e doing, but it’s also important to build relationships and Chris was phenomenal at that. The best I’ve ever worked with and the most impressive thing was that he was so genuine and that’s why everyone loved working with him.

After a few years I changed roles and eventually Chris left SAP but we stayed in touch. Your dad made a point to stay connected with people all over the world and he had such a warm engaging personality that we all loved keeping in touch. I think everyone who has written feels that Chris was one of their closest friends…what a gift that is to make hundreds of people feel they are a really important part of your life.

I love seeing the pictures your mom is posting on FB. You look alot like your dad….especially your personality which jumps off the page! I, like all your mom and dad’s friends, look forward to seeing your adventures over the coming years. You have such incredible DNA between your wonderful mom and dad, I know you’ll be successful in anythiing you put your mind to.

So, if you ever want to talk about your Dad and the rock star he was as a colleague and a leader let me know. Being we were work colleagues rather than school or university friends I don’t have quite as many crazy, funny stories as some others but I can share how good he was at what he did, how great he made his colleagues feel and how much he meant to all of us

Take care Jude and Simone and I hope to get to see you on a future trip to London.

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