Martin Smith

Hi Jude, I first met your Dad at Aston University some 27 years ago. Of course University is for learning stuff, in Chris’ case difficult engineering stuff but Chris like the rest of us knew there was an even more important journey that we were on and that was to make friends for life. You’ll see there is a theme that runs through the messages you’ve received and it’s not really about school, or university or work it’s about friendship, fun and laughter and how your Dad brought those things to so many. I liked your Dad a great deal, he was easy to get to know, he was easy to spend time with, it didn’t matter whether you hadn’t seen him for a year it was always easy to pick up where you left off. He was a jet setter of course and a grafter, these things can sometimes get in the way of you keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones too but not for your Dad he always made time and I know from reading his FB posts on Sunday evenings as he was about to fly off on business that even though he’d just left home he was already missing you and your Mum. Your Dad was an extraordinary person which in part comes from the fact that he was an ordinary guy, the boy from Stoke who achieved an amazing amount in his life and is loved by so many. I like hundreds of other people he met are proud to say I was a friend of Chris Elsmore. Love to you and to your Mum from Martin, Louise, Max and Chloe x


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