Campbell Hancock

As you will be able to tell from so many posts, your father was such a fun, caring, generous and loveable guy. So generous that his enthusiasm for life was contagious. He’s not just missed by those that knew him directly, but also by our significant others that found it so easy to get to know, and love, him.

In my particular case, we got to know each other working at BusinessObjects during the mid-2000s, and enjoyed numerous work trips together, as well as the boys Ski trips to St Anton. In fact I think he missed one of the ski trips because you were due to arrive “any day”, and I had to find a new roommate for that trip. At least the new roomie didn’t snore like your dad!!

The last time I saw him was at the Ryder Cup in GlenEagles (Sept 2014), and it was a complete fluke that we bumped into each other towards the end of the day, but it did give me the opportunity to introduce him to my son (Struan) who is 8 years older than you. We were both so proud of our respective “little” boys!

Your Dad and I worked together for a few years, and I always hoped I would find an opportunity to work with him again, but we never quite managed it, but did catch up for a few dinners in different parts of the world when our travel diaries matched up, and the occasional round of golf (best remembered for the company rather than the quality of the golf !).

I can’t think of a single person I know who is so universally loved and respected. He was definitely a one off. AND with the genetic mix from him and your Mum you are destined to be a very special young man and a credit to both of your parents I’m sure,And I know he would have loved to witness, and help directly in your development. It’s no coincidence that his last Facebook post was of a memory of a photo of you and your Mum.

As well as being very much loved by everyone that his life touched, and it’s no coincidence that so many people have been so upset about his sudden passing, he was also generous with sharing his insights. A number of times I had contacts looking for advice on candidates or opportunities in different parts of the world, and without exception he was always so giving of his time to support others efforts.

Including a couple of photos from my Wife (Alison Hancock) and my joint 40th birthday party at Bearwood Lakes in 2010, with your Mum and Dad on the dance floor.

Hopefully what your Mum, family and friends are doing in pulling together these memories will be a comfort to both you as you grow older, and also to your Mum more immediately. And certainly any number of us will be happy to share our memories and stories with you directly as you grow older.

Take care and take the time to enjoy the ride.

All three of you are in our thoughts x

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