Regan Frances Clark

Hello Jude, you are one special child. The apple of your Dad’s eye and much, much loved by him. Here’s your father at my birthday party with my husband and his brother. We loved your Dad. We met him when he moved into the house opposite us in Camberley and became our neighbour. The day he moved in he came to say hello and stayed for five hours, we all got on so well. I got him two cats soon afterwards, Fibber and Charlie and Chris had such a big heart that despite only wanting one- he took on two rescued homeless brothers who couldn’t be seperated. We laughed til we cried on many occasions together and you should know by now from all the other posts here, that Chris was a brilliantly funny storey teller and things that were hilarious, just kept happening to him. Our favourites were the time he scalded a friend at Unni, on the back of his hand, by touching him with a teaspoon he had just stirred his hot tea with. In shock the hand knocked the teaspoon flying into someone’s face and knocked their front tooth out, a tooth that your Dad had to pay for! ..a practical joke gone wrong but so funny in the re-telling.
The the time he hugged the bride in the wedding line up and spilled a whole pint of beer down the back of her wedding dress……(apologies if said bride reads this but it’s a true classic). He loved my stories about passengers on my flights and always wanted to hear them….being such a traveller himself. For my party, I sent your Dad a message saying I needed someone to stay up all night with me and watch the sunrise with….and I got back “I am that man!” Bless Chris.
We can’t believe we will not sit down together again in this world. This has hit us all hard Jude, your poor Mum and you most of all. Jerry and I have been so upset by this loss. …Jude, for your Dad…..we are here for you….always, Regan and Jerry. Xxxxxx


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