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Hi Jude & Simone
It’s so difficult to know where to start to describe Chris! His sense of fun and mischief are well known to all his friends many of whom have already described so many of those adventures enjoyed with him. We all have many more stories to share but I will now try and share those that stand out in my memory, but I look forward to sharing many more with you in person, as you grow up……

As with everyone that has posted here, your Dad and I were great friends and over the years have gotten into many scrapes together but the thing I will always remember is his legendary ability to connect people and just how very kind he was to everyone….always. There are few better lessons for any of us to learn.

Famously he introduced me to my future wife Andi Smiles, on a boat in the middle of the Mediterranean immediately following he and I singing ‘California Dreaming’ by the Mamas and the Papas stood on top of a piano in the ballroom of the ship! You couldn’t make that kind of thing up but that was just the kind of fun that always happened when in your Dads company and no matter what we were doing he always would know so many people and was always connecting people – so much fun and so many great people – it is little wonder that there are so many fun stories posted here.

Your Dad played such a big role in my life – not only because he introduced me to my future wife – and not only because we both got married a few months apart and then had our boys (you and Max) a few months apart – but because I learnt so much from him about how to be a good bloke! I am a much better bloke for having known your Dad!

We started working together in July 2006 – Your Dad had just returned to the UK from Singapore to take up a position on the European management team of Business Objects – his first day on the job was also my first day on that same team and by the end of that first day we had already had many laughs, a little too much to drink and a great friendship was born.

We spent much time together over the years that followed and travelled all over the world together – never have I met anyone before that would go so far out of his way (read diverting via a different country) just to catch up with you, but that was your Dad. Our families became the focus after we both got married in 2010 and our boys (you and Max) were born in 2011 and we took many vacations together from which there are many treasured memories. (Some of my favourite photographs with you both are attached below).

As many people that have posted here have already mentioned, Chris was a close friend to so many of us and was dearly loved by everyone and is very much missed by us all. He really didn’t make enemies and made a difference to so many people in so many different ways. I will always be here to remind you both of not only some of the fun stories but also just how damn good he was at his job and what a terrifically inspiring person he was to so many of us.
With much love – Andy

Chris Chris

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