Duncan Curry

Jude, I met your dad over 4,600 days ago, which in itself is a very very long time indeed, and as has been echoed by virtually everyone who knows your dad he has touched many peoples lives, in a good way, usually involving laughter and a few jars of ale (which you will grow into – i am sure of that) as you follow in your dads footsteps. Your dad will be with all of us always through these stories that we share with you and one another as we celebrate and remember a truly amazing person – friend, colleague, husband and daddy. Did you know that your dad has an amazing ability to maintain a smile even when the grape bends most men to a horizontal position, which i experienced with him on many an occasion. This coupled with his love of cars through the petrol sloshing between his ears underpins why he is loved by many and will remain part of our lives through his kind words/wisdom and support as our lives bounced into and off one another. Speaking of wise words, when he got his 911 he was very proud of the fact that there was more leaves covering his porker than on the road from the autumnal fall due to his inability to drive it – man he loved that car! But your dad was even more proud and bursting with love when he told me that you were on your way into this world, and it is in this world that we all call home that you will shine with the support of your mum and all of us. When you get the book bug, I urge you to read ‘footprints in the sand’ by Mary Stevenson, as this is how i see your dad looking down and over you as you grow day by day…

Keep smiling and make your daddy proud of every breath you take,

love Duncan, Alex, Lucas & Evie

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