Catherine Egan

Hi Jude,
I met your Dad in May 2003 the very same day I met my husband James, we went back to a party in Chris’ house after a Polo match in Windsor! So my life might have turned out very differently without that party! I would not have predicted that night that 8 years later myself and your Mum would be pushing yourself and my daughter around Hyde Park in your buggies, we hoped you would both sleep long enough for us to have a coffee. I have a daughter who is 5 like you are now but you might already know that by the time you read this.
My favourite story about your Dad involves a security breach by your Mum while she slept in their bed, stay with me, she is not a spy! Your Dad wakes up one night in the middle of the night, he was still dreaming, he jumped out of bed and demanded your Mum ‘identify herself’, he then started to pat down the bed and kept on repeating the same phrase ‘identify yourself’, he followed his demand to ‘identify yourself’ with a warning, ‘there has been a security breach’! As your mum identified herself she also managed to wake him up and then they both laughed themselves back to sleep. I could not hear this story often enough it makes me laugh so much. Any time in your mum and dads company always involved belly laughing until your tummy was sore.
The greatest thing we can do with this gift of life we have is to live it to the fullest of our ability and your mum and dad had that figured out.

Like every one here when we think of Chris we smile.

All our love
Catherine & James


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