Martin Hargreaves

Hi Jude, I only really got to know your dad in his last year at Aston when we both lived on campus. Despite the fact a was at the start of my PhD, I still had the pleasure of associating with the University soccer club, with whom your dad shared a loose interest in the playing side but a keen interest in the after match ‘nonsense’ as we liked to call it. He was a wonderfully bright, witty, charming and dependable person. We shared enough laughs to fill eternity in that one academic year alone. Fast forward a few years and we re-connected through Facebook and I took great delight in following him, you and your mum jetting to various places around the globe. I had the pleasure of meeting him again at an Aston boys get together a couple of years ago…it was like we’d never been apart. From his ‘alright youth?’ greeting to the numerous jokes and funny stories we re-told, it was a great night. As have been said by many on this page, your dad was a brilliant guy and I will treasure my memories of him forever. Look after your mum, keep your room tidy and be the star boy your dad would be proud of. Love Martin Natasha, Matilda and Isabella xx

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