Jenny Xenos

Hi Jude,

I met Chris about 12 years ago, while I was living in Sydney and he was based out of Singapore and we both worked for Business Objects. I don’t remember the day we met, but I do know that there wasn’t a visit to Sydney after, that we didn’t go out and do something fun together. Chris loved connecting people. He was a mingler that’s for sure! I’ve met some great people through Chris, including Adrian, Nick, Karen and Julian, and of course, your mum, Simone. Chris was so good at staying in touch – phone, skype, in person. Your dad was a very good friend, and wherever we moved to in the world, he was always there for me if I needed him.

I was blessed to be able to have fun and share good times with Chris in places all over the world – kayaking in Deep Cove in Vancouver and taking a helicopter ride down in to the Grand Canyon are some of my favourite times…

What they all have in common is Chris and everything he brought just by being himself: fun, cheeky sense of humour, smart conversations, silly poking and prodding, lots of hugs, strategy sessions, heartfelt soulful snippets, occasional dress ups (or down in school clothes, depending on how you looked at it wink emoticon ), lots of laughter, honesty, authenticity and simply the freakin awesomeness that he was!! You knew his love and caring was genuine and that’s what I will always remember him for. That and his infectious grin! grin emoticon

I created this collage in his honour. You can see how much fun he was! smile emoticonHe will always be loved by all of us. XO


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