Nigel Walsh

He made me laugh. My son is a similar age to you Jude. We swapped stories of how bad we were at parenting, but how much we loved the new life as a dad. How hard it was to leave you guys when we traveled for work (the pic of you with the suitcase), how kids always wanted a gift from the plane, airport or wherever were we at the time on travel (but mums would always give out).

I always remember the man from stoke’s accent. He was a clumsy old fool too, but in a nice way.. Accident Prone for sure, falling over in showers or however the story goes!. He was one of the good guys, always looking out for others. In a strange way we found others that knew him too in a totally unconnected by very close way, Roy, Sarah, Simon and Rory – all from different jobs over the years – all had the same to say about him. He was a great guy.

All that aside, he wore a smile like it was the only thing you needed to do, and he was right. Wear his smile Jude and wear it with the same level of pride he was of you. Be strong for your mum! You are the man of the house now. I wish you guys both a Long Life.

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